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Ski Center

The Ski Center is located 14 km from the town of Kalavryta , it’s very oraganized and has over 100.000 visitors every year.

Place of Sacrifice

At 13 of September in 1943, every man from Kalavryta aged 14 years old and over, were taken and executed here by the Germans.

Voraikos Gorge

The Voraikos Gorge is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of our country with approximately 20 km length.

Odontotos railway

About 120 years ago, Odontotos railway of Diakopto – Kalavryta managed to reach the Kalavryta.

Cave of the Lakes

Aristarcho's Telescope

The Museum of the Kalavrita Holocaust

Our town

Kalavrita, the historical town  of 2500 inhabitants, built at the slopes of Helmos  Mountain at a height of 750 meters .

Near to Patras and two and a half hours from Athens, Kalavrita is an ideal destination and a base for exploring the surrounding areas. It is only 14 km from the Ski Center. It is situated at a distance of 14 km from Kalavrita . Green canyons, wild mountain peaks and crystal springs impress the visitor .

Interesting places to visit are the Kapi Hill, where the Germans executed all the male citizens of the town on December 13, 1943, the Museum of the Kalavrita Holocaust, the historical monasteries of Agia Lavra and the Mega Spileon , the unique Cave of Lakes in Kastria, the gorge of Vouraikos, which is accessible by the rack-railway, the Ski Center, where is located Aristarchos, the largest telescope in the Balkans .

 Nice trips can be to the Tsivlos Lake ,to  the Monastery of Makkelaria and to the Sacred Shrine of the Virgin Plataniotissa.


Plataniotissa is a mountainous village in the former province of Kalavryta, which is today a local comminty of the municipal unit of Kalavryta of “Kallikratiko”.

Agia Lavra Monastery

The historical monastery of Agia Lavra is located around 5 km out of Kalavryta and was founded in the 10th Century by a hermit. The place was fired completely in 1585 and 1827 by the Turkishs and in 1943 by the Germans.

Mega Spileon Monastery

The monastery of Mega Spileon is located at the 10th kilometer of the road named “Kalavryta – Pountas – N.R. Patras – Athens“ and was built around 362,  in an impressive landscape at the entrance of a natural cave at 924 meters height.